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The truth about granite
10 Solid Rock Reasons

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10 Rock solid reasons to choose Berkeley Tile for your granite.
  1. We will handle your job from start to finish. The following is a brief list of some tasks we will perform to complete your job:
    • All removal and disposal of existing counter tops.
    • The supply and installation of all plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, instant hot water units, disposals, water purifier unit, and more.
    • Granite backsplash or tile backsplash by our tile installation department.
  2. All counter tops go through a three-coat sealing process whether the stone needs it or not.
  3. All sink and general cut outs have ¼" x ¼" hardened steel supports cut and recessed into the backside of the granite on both sides of the cut out. This gives added support and durability for the life of your stone.
  4. All cut outs are done with a new $300,000 state of the art computerized machine which accepts your top name sink manufactures direct computer specifications. This leaves no room for imperfections unlike the ripples and imperfect shapes of the traditional hand cut outs, which almost 90% of your fabricators are still doing.
  5. All our edging is polished by sanding with diamond pads as fine as 2000 grit. It is then coated with an acid powder and machine rubbed to burnish a shine just as durable as the top. The typical way is to sand to approximately 300 grit and use a wax to create a shine, which can dull and wear within months.
  6. Our template process consists of actually making an exact plywood template of your cabinets. This leaves no room for error. Most of our templates take more time than the actual granite installation. The results of a perfect template make all the difference between us and the others that spend ½ an hour measuring or making an inaccurate template from a piece of cellophane plastic.
  7. All dishwashers are mounted to woodblocks, which are recessed flush into the backside of the granite. This leaves flexibility and easy installation of new replacement appliances in the future.
  8. Granite seams; No one gets a tighter seam than us. We have set up a system that clamps the seam together using industrial suction cups that will stand up to 700 lbs of pulling pressure resulting a seam like no others.
  9. Our primary slab warehouse keeps up to 125,000 slabs in stock at any given time. Best of all, you can actually make an appointment with a knowledgeable representative that will spend the time to assist you with your slab selection.
  10. You are in the web site of the most qualified company to supply and install your granite, now you don't have to look any further. Let us prove to you we are the best.