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The truth about granite
10 Solid Rock Reasons

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Facts about Granite.
Check out some of the pros and cons of granite verse its competition.
Contrary to what the competition says, granite can be found in approximately 150 different colors unlike the competition's 20 to 30 colors. The beauty of granite is its natural stone look, which every man made product is trying to duplicate but just can't seem to even come close. One of the great points about granite is that your counter top is one of a kind. No two pieces are identical, therefore you are the only one with that exact type.

    Our experience is, granite does not stain. The meaning of the word STAIN is a spot or mark that can't be removed. We have been installing granite for 12 years. Not one of our clients has come to us with a mark in the stone that could not be removed with a specific cleaner, not one!

    Granite is mined into 1-1/4" thick slabs generally used for kitchen tops and ¾" slabs generally used for vanities. Unlike other products, granite is solid through and through. Granite is not built up on the front edge to simulate a thick counter top . Most of its solid surface competition is built up in front and the rest is packed up with particleboard. There is nothing solid about solid surface products. How much faith can you really have in a product if the name is lie?

    Considering granite is the 5th hardest stone in the world which has held up on the sides of mountains with the stress of sun, harsh weather, frost and heat, we are confident it will hold up better than anything in your kitchen. The only thing that will cut granite is diamonds. You can cut your typical solid surface with a wood saw. It makes you wonder if it is any more durable than wood.

Reasons to choose the competition's solid surfaces:
  • Your decorating requires a solid color.
  • You just adore that plastic look that all epoxy resin based product gives.
  • You have nothing to do on your weekends except sand out scratches in your counter top from the prior weeks use.
  • You have an over abundance of pot holders laying around to line your counter tops in case of the accidental contact to heat.
  • There is just not enough low quality particle board in your kitchen that you really feel the need for.